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Brief introduction of gold melting furnace

Posted: Jan 12, 2019 Views: 143

Gold smelting furnace adopts the principle of magnetic induction eddy current heating and use electric current to generate magnetic field through coil. When magnetic field line passes through metal material in magnetic field, it makes boiler body heat at high speed on its own, and then heat material again. And in short time, it reaches the required temperature. 
Gold smelting furnace is mainly used for smelting, casting and evaporation coating of metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum.

Gold Smelting Furnace Features:
1. Heating fast and uniform.
2. Machine power can be adjust stable.
3. Easy installation, simple operation.
4. Safe and reliable. No high voltage, very safe for operating people.
5. A unique cooling circulation system, ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous work.
6. Environmental. Almost no oxide layer, produced no exhaust, no waste-water is generated.
7. It has complete self-protect functions: such as many types of alarm lamps: over-current, over-voltage, over hot, water shortage etc, can also control and protect itself.
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